Infinix Hot 7 Pro Vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro

Which should you go for??..

Which is the best??..

Certainly, Infinix and Tecno are the most vibrant brand in Nigeria…

So which should you go for, Hot 7 Pro / Spark 3 Pro..

Stay tuned cus this is what have discussed in here at Tech Chink…

* Infinix Hot 7 Pro and Tecno Spark 3 Pro, both features stretched screen at approximately 6.2″, so no big deal here..

* The android 9.0 (Pie) skinned both devices, which means the OS are quite similar and expected to give related experience..

* Infinix Hot 7 Pro has impressive features and so does Tecno Spark 3 pro..

For Infinix Hot 7 Pro and Tecno Spark 3 Pro COMPARISM.. Stay glued to tech Chink cus have explained it in details for you right here…

Let’s Go…

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro


Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: INTRO

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: COMPARISM

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: SPECS

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: CONCLUSION / VERDICT

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: PRICES & AVAILABILITY

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: INTRO

Infinix Hot 7 Pro and Tecno Spark 3 Pro were both launched this year, by the two most energetic brand (Infinix and Tecno) here in Nigeria…

The Infinix Hot 7 Pro features some interesting specs in many segments in the device’s system…

Whereas Tecno Spark 3 pro is not left out of exhibition of some nice features too…

If you are kinda skeptical about which to go for, have compared both together here in different segments…

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: COMPARISM


The first thing you see when shown a device is the BODY…

They both have a taste of premium design and has a rear impounded Fingerprint sensor…

They both have a notch and it seems wide-alike (i.e the notch seems big in the same length)..

Apart from the design, another thing worth talking about is the dimension and from specs, they both features relative design dimensional magnitude with negligible differences of +/- 0.5 – 1mm..

Thirdly, the display is also worth discussing, where which both Infinix Hot 7 Pro and Tecno Spark 3 Pro are laced with LCD display technology..

So we could conclude that they both features decent body design, dimensions and Screen Tech..


The gist on the screen size is quite similar to that of the body dimension in the body segment..

Cus both Hot 7 Pro and Spark 3 Pro features approximately 6.2″ screen size..

Similar thing reflects in the resolution department too, they both features approximately same resolution with Tecno Spark 3 pro leading with a tad pixel of 700 x 1520 as against Infinix Hot 7 Pro with 700 x 1500…

Again the segment ends with relatively close competion coming from both devices..

And so far we haven’t had a deal sealer from either side…


Obviously OS is an important feature in every smartphone…

The most significant difference between an iPhone and an Android Phone is the OS…

Which means that an OS can either be a deal breaker or deal sealer…

But they both feature the same OS from the same source (Android 9.0 – Pie -)…

Infinix Hot 7 Pro and Tecno Spark 3 Pro features the latest and most secured OS from Google…


It has been quite tough to decide who is leading who but everything seems to change significantly starting from this department..

The SoC of your device is what gives you sweet/fast processing and quality grahics display..

What that meant is that, weak SoC could give weak and frustrating user experience..

Now let’s check, which of these provides the best…

While Infinix Hot 7 Pro was housing the senior mediatek chipset, MT6762 the Tecno Spark 3 pro features a junior mediatek chipset, MT6761 but the difference in their performance specs is quite small (at a difference of 0.3% on average) and possibly negligible…

Buh, in here Infinix Hot 7 Pro features something exceptional..

It features Octa-Core (8 cores) as against Quad-Core (4 cores) in Tecno Spark 3 pro..


Briefly, lemme brush over the ROM storage, which both features 32GB of it, thus putting them at the same mark..

The difference is in the RAM..

With 3GB RAM against 2GB RAM, Infinix Hot 7 Pro leads over Tecno Spark 3 pro…

This further boosts Infinix Hot 7 Pro to 1st mark…


One of the most hyped segment (by both manufacturers and consumers) in a smartphone…

Infinix Hot 7 Pro beats Tecno Spark 3 pro in this segment as well…

But this time, its big..

Infinix Hot 7 Pro houses 13MP + 2MPdepth sensor at rear part of the device and another 13MP + 2MPdepth sensor at the front as against 13MP + 2MPdepth sensor at the back of Tecno and 8MP at the front…

Infinix Hot 7 Pro leads with the 2MP depth sensor and 5MP in the primary sensor, making it the king in this section…

You might think it’s over buh not yet, let’s rock it on…


And finally we are at the power house…

The battery segment is quite complex and not as straight forward as you might think..

If one had featured an OLED screen panel or lower screen size and resolution, the battery might not have affect them in the same manner..

Buh since they do have the same specs in those section, we are fair to compare them using the same criteria..

Infinix Hot 7 Pro leads the way again with 4000mAh battery as against 3500mAh of Tecno Spark 3 Pro…

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Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: SPECS

Infinix Hot 7 Pro:

OS: Android 9.0 (Pie)


BODY: 156 x 75 x 8mm (6.18 x 2.98 x 0.31″)

DISPLAY: IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen.

SIZE: 6.2″ [~83.4% screen to body ration]

RESOLUTION: 720 x 1500p



CHIPSET: Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 (12 nm)

PROCESSOR: Octa-Core [8 x 2.0 GHz]

GPU: PowerVR GE8320


Rear: Dual: 13MP + 2MPdepth sensor

Front: Dual: 13MP + 2MPdepth sensor

BATTERY: 4000mAh, Non-removeable Li-po Battery..

Tecno Spark 3 Pro:

OS: Android 9.0 (Pie)

BODY: 156.5 x 76 x 5.6mm (6.16 x 2.99 x 0.22″)

DISPLAY: IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colorsSize: 6.2″ [~84.5% screen to body ration]

Resolution: 720 x 1520p



Chipset: Mediatek MT6761

Processor: Quad-Core [4 x 2.0 GHz Cortex – A53]

GPU: Power VR GE8300


Rear: Dual: 13MP + 2MPFront: 8MP

BATTERY: 3500mAh, Non-removeable Li-ion Battery..

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: CONCLUSION / VERDICT

Judging from the above comparism, Infinix Hot 7 Pro leads over Tecno Spark 3 pro in various segment which include:

Processor – Internal Storage – Camera and Battery..

If you are kinda capable, buying the Infinix Hot 7 Pro is what i recommend but if not you might consider the Tecno Spark 3 Pro…

Infinix Hot 7 Pro vs Tecno Spark 3 Pro: PRICE / AVAILABILITY

Infinix Hot 7 Pro:

PRICE: #45, 000 – #47, 000

Availability: Jumia

Tecno Spark 3 Pro:

Price: #40, 000 – #45, 000

Availability: Jumia

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