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Hy Over there, I’m TAOFEEK IBRAHIM OPEYEMI a.k.a EEMAAN (@IAm_Eemaan).

I was once a film-addict, buh later on i realised am created for more (for a purpose). While chasing down which path to follow i fell in love with science which pathed ways for my love for Physics, Chemistry and others like STUDYING and RESEARCHING.

Around 2010s I started getting anxious and curious about things (many things actually), i evolve and study the world which i believe is at a brink of destruction (just imagine, so many unrest, global warming, dictatorship style of leadership etc.) and i want to find a way to help others.

I opted to be a motivational writer and speaker (you know to inspire people) which lead to my needing of space to communicate with others, i tried out Facebook page buh not satisfied and I was lucky to get to know “Blogger (link) “, and I created some free blog to motivate.

Buh later on (due to dynamic nature of human being) i also took interest in blogging as a skill, career and way of making impact and while looking for a niche to blog on, this happens: I FELL FOR TECH.

And by the way am studying Computer Science in Federal University Oye-Ekiti, (So that you could know am now glued to tech)

Some Hashtags That Defines me:

Tech Addict | Optimist | Researcher | Thinker | Web Designer | Programmer

My Blog Story

I have been blogging on tech since 2016, learnt some few things on blogging and i have understood quite alright to satisfy visitors first then all others might follow.

My earlier blogs were hosted for free @ blogger.com, bought some few domain names (e.g: smartphonesbarrack.com.ng and wetechshout.com) and also tried making it with the free domain name given by blogger.

Sincerely yours, it was really tough, i haven’t understand much about blog (especially as a career), i write and rest, write, rest and expect something not knowing i have to learn blogging as a skill.

When it dawn on me that i need to learn this, i dazzle to Google and started surfing for informations.

And hopefully I learnt quite few things to be a real blogger, which are:

1. Bloggers communicate with readers.

2. They source for information (and not just copy and paste).

3. Bloggers are there to solve information problem.

4. Solve readers problems first before thinking of anything else.

5. You can’t stand alone.

With these and some few others, I was able to make some little achievement:

1. Writing long, interactive, educating and UNIQUE posts.

2. Getting quite modest traffic, both from Google, Facebook etc.

3. Generate genuine comment. and;

4. Most importantly, My Google AdSense application was approved (without any tricks whatsoever) which shows that my contents are quite genuine and different.


TECH CHINK, a blog i created to talk about what i love..

Tech Chink is based majorly on Internet and Technology featuring Phone Review/Specs, Tech News, Laptop Review, Social Media Updates etc..Obviously it talks about almost all face of technology…

Presently, Tech Chink is a Solo Author blog and hopefully would have more contributors by the time…

Thanks for reading..